Medical Assistant - Moon Valley

Phoenix, AZ


Our Medical Assistant will work directly with healthcare practice staff to collect test samples, maintain patient records, explain common medical procedures to patients and assist in basic examinations.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

· Greets and triages patients to exam room within 15 minutes of arrival, if feasible.

· Takes accurate vitals and enters data into electronic health record including but not limited to vital signs, chief complaint, past medical history, labs, and pharmacy. Information is added to the patient’s chart within 24 hours of receipt.

· Inform the provider when the patient is ready to be seen.

· Clean patient rooms in between appointments.

· Check voicemails every two hours. Call backs must be done within 48 hours of receiving.

· Initiate Prior Authorizations for medications within 48 hours of receiving the PA.

· Prescription refills request completed within 48 hours of receiving.

· All scanning must be attached in the patient chart within 72 hours.

· Documentation: Any interaction that pertains to the patient needs to be documented in the appropriate EMR system within 24 hours from the time of appointment.

· Responsible for blood draws.

· Collection of urine specimens.

· Perform UDS drug screening and communicate results to governing body within 24 hours.

· Administering vaccines and injections.

· Assist provider with procedures.

· Bio-Hazard trash is disposed of daily.

· Medical rooms are to be checked daily to ensure all appropriate inventories are stocked.

· Call laboratories at the end of day for specimen pick up. Document confirmation code.


Education, Certification, and Experience Requirements

· Completion of an accredited Medical Assistant program or CNA, BHT, PCT, ER Tech, Phlebotomist or equivalent and relevant patient care experience required.

· Provide proof of CPR and First Aid Certification, Arizona Fingerprint Clearance

· Proficient in electronic clinical documentation and scheduling systems.

· HIPPA compliant

· Negative TB test

· Bilingual English/Spanish fluency preferred